Images of Ana

20 March 1965 - 20 July 1997

Ana in Chiang Mai In the garden of the Borneo Company House, Chiang Mai, Thailand, in mid 1965 when she was a few months old. Ana was born in Suandok Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on 20 March 1965. Muriel and I had been appointed among the very first lecturers at the newly-opened Chiang Mai University. At that time there were only a dozen "farang" (European) families in the city and Ana was the first European baby born in that hospital.
With mother and little sister, going to school in Cambridge, 1974. We lived in Cambridge for the academic year 1974/5, in between postings to Turkey and Thailand, and Ana and Imogen went to the Milton Road Primary School. Milton Road School
Alexandria Ana as a glamorous teenager in Egypt, 1979.
Graduation day, Stirling 1987, with her friend Marc Twynholm. Ana's degree was in management science, and it led to an immediate post with Gallaher's. Graduation day
Ana as bridesmaid Bridesmaid at her sister's wedding, July 1992.
Water and travel were two recurrent themes for Ana. She loved all forms of watersports and went all over the world to pursue them and make friends. Here she is in Turkey in June 1993. Holiday in Turkey
Rowing on the Thames Rowing with the Thames Traders rowing club
and diving in the Caribbean underwater
Ana tries golf But there were just a few things that she didn't do well, though that didn't stop her having a go.
At Mar Lodge, Christmas 1993. By now Ana had been working for Gallaher for six years. She brought a party of friends to our house in Stirling to help us celebrate our first Christmas there. At Mar Lodge
four generations Autumn 1996, with her grandmother Gladys Fairbairn, mother Muriel Higgins, sister Imogen Makower and niece Clementine Makower in Jersey.
Sketching in the West Indies, 1996. This was a hobby she took up in her last three years. Sketching
In Glasgow On a visit to Glasgow, soon after her cancer was diagnosed and her first operation. Ana once said that she wanted to be the most positive cancer patient ever, and we were told that she had become a legend around Charing Cross Hospital because of the way she came through treatments and bounced back to health against all predictions.
In Stirling again, 1996 Summer in Stirling
Kingston Six months before she died Ana moved into a small newly-built house with garden in Kingston-on-Thames. She had great pleasure in designing and planting the garden.
The water theme was fulfilled with a fountain and a mosaic fish which she made herself. Fountain
Unveiling the bench Since Ana was a Stirling graduate, we arranged for a new bench with a memorial plaque to be set up overlooking the loch on campus and close to the residences, and invited sixty of our friends and relations, Ana's friends from her undergraduate days, and my current colleagues to help us unveil the bench. The climax was meant to be the removal of the cloth by young Clementine, but as the moment approached it was obvious she was far more interested in another little girl's tricycle than in doing what we wanted so, with the help of Johnny Fry, we tied the end of the cloth to the tricycle. As we did so a solitary goose flew low overhead and honked. Just a coincidence, of course, ...