Is Saturday the loneliest day of the week?

These are the frequencies of days of the week in a corpus of 2 million words of transcribed speech and a corpus of 2 million words of written journalism and general non-fiction.

Spoken Speech Order Written Writing Order
Sunday 435 1 275 2
Monday 319 4 184 4
Tuesday 160 7 148 6
Wednesday 243 5 156 5
Thursday 180 6 122 7
Friday 380 2 196 3
Saturday 346 3 285 1
Totals 2063 1366

It seems that we talk about days of the week more than we write about them, and that we are more interested in the weekend than in weekdays, with Saturday, Sunday and Friday filling the top three places both in speech and in writing. It is interesting that Friday overtakes Saturday in speech but is a long way behind in writing. Monday takes fourth place, Wednesday fifth, while Tuesday and Thursday are the least mentioned. While there are only trivial differences in the frequencies of the weekdays in written English, when it comes to speech Monday is almost twice as often mentioned as Tuesday.

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John Higgins, Stirling, March 1998, updated Chiang Mai, June 2024